About me

IMG-37209842dfb918e1b6af21210eea0f39-VWelcome to my personal website. I am a 5th year PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Houston. My principle areas of research are in the fields of Monetary Policy, Macroeconomics and Time-Series Econometrics. My work focuses on how informational constraints on policymakers shape the design and conduct of monetary policy. In particular, I study how policymakers estimate key unobservable policy variables and how those estimates are used to guide policy choices.

My job market paper, “Estimating the Natural Rate of Interest in Real Time,” investigates two important aspects of this problem. First, I estimate the natural level of interest in real-time. And second, I quantify the magnitude of revisions of the real-time estimates in subsequent periods. Hence, I am closing a gap in research on the real-time properties of the estimated natural rate of interest.

In May 2017, I received the award for the best presentation in the graduate workshop from the Department of Economics at the University of Houston in recognition for my research achievements.

My career as an economist is also intrinsically tied to teaching. I was an instructor for  Principles of Macroeconomics and Intermediate Macroeconomics at the undergraduate level at the University of Houston. Because of high student evaluations, my effectiveness as a teacher has been recently recognized with The exceptional teacher award from the Department of Economics.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information. You can check my AEA profile here: Sergiy Kasyanenko.

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